Mold Remediation Process

Mold grows as a result of moisture. It expands by tiny spores that travel through the air. That means you are exposed to mold spores every day. However, a small amount in the air is completely harmless to most people. That said, those spores land on damp spots in your home, like in the kitchen or bathroom, you could end up with a problem that would lead you to call mold removal companies Chicago.

Mildew remediation can be a complicated task. If you’re looking for fungus removal in Chicago, be sure to hire the services of professional mold removal companies Chicago. Otherwise, the job might be done improperly, and you may not remove all the mustiness in your home!

Mold Remediation: 3 Steps to Take

The first stage in our mold remediation Chicago & mold removal process is to diagnose the situation and find all the funguses. This step is vital, since mildew reproduces extremely quickly. If even a small area is overlooked, your home will quickly be infested once again. We use professional-grade testing equipment to make sure every spore is accounted for.
After an initial evaluation, we can decide where we need to take samples. During this stage of mold remediation Chicago, we’ll be looking for any evidence of fungus, including discoloration, questionable air quality, etc. We’ll take physical samples with tape-lift, swabs, or ATP tests before moving on to air samples. While a lot of mold remediation companies in Chicago don’t go to these lengths, we find it extremely important to identify the entire situation before we move on.
The next step is set up. We seal off the work area completely with heavy plastic and tape. We use heavy duty plastic bags in order to carry moldy material out of your home, and protect ourselves with full face masks, gloves, and protective clothing. If mustiness has infected your drywall, your carpeting, or other challenging areas, we will use specialized tools to make sure that any moldy material is safely removed as well.

While we do our best to clean moldy areas, some areas might be too damaged for cleaning. In this case, we will have to actually remove areas which are beyond salvaging. Of course, if this is the case, you will be informed during our initial assessment so there are no nasty surprises down the line. Fungus remediation is not a simple job, so make sure you use our professional mold remediation contractors in Chicago to get the job done right!

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