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Mold can take over a home quickly, if you’re unprepared. Once you’ve noticed the mold, it might already be too late to fix it easily, which is why it’s best to prevent it from taking root in the first place!

• Control Humidity – Mold thrives in humid climates, so an important first step in combatting mold is to control the humidity in your home. Consider options like dehumidifiers and moisture meters to keep your home at appropriate levels.
• Ventilation – Keeping your home properly ventilated can also help prevent mold. Even ordinary daily activities like cooking, showers, and laundry can create a breeding ground for mold without proper ventilation.
• Dry Wet Areas – If you have any wet areas or leaks, make sure to dry them up as quickly as possible. Don’t leave runoff from pipes or water damage unattended, since mold can quickly take hold of these areas.
• Stay on Top of Repairs – If you have damaged roofing or gutters, this can lead to leaks. Sometimes these leaks are easy to deal with, but it’s best to keep your roof and gutters in good shape to begin with.
• Hire Experts – When in doubt, call the professionals! Mold is a challenge that most homeowners will have to deal with at some point, but it can be hard to keep it at bay. Our experts can assess your home and help combat any mold growth we find. Once the mold has been remediated, we will help you take steps to ensure that it doesn’t return.

Spotting mold in your home is a very serious problem. Allowing mold to continue to grow and spread in your home can lead to a variety of undesirable health issues. With the first sign of mold, you should call a professional mold removal service. Do not attempt to remove the mold yourself if you do not have proper training. You can risk health issues or failure to properly remove the mold. Simply Mold Gone can ensure that we remove mold and make sure it stays away!

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