7 Crucial Steps for Mold Prevention

7 Crucial Steps for Mold Prevention

Are you aware that approximately 70% of U.S. homes are currently infested or were at one point infested with mold?  This statistic can be shocking to those oblivious of the fact that they may have mold in one or more areas of their home, especially behind the walls.

If your home contains mold, you are certainly not the only one.  If you do not yet have any mold in your home, now is your chance to ensure mold prevention so that you never have this common issue.  Mold is not limited to ugly markings; it is also hazardous to your health.

Much commitment and effort are required to for home mold prevention but it is certainly possible.  Keep in mind that even the tiniest patch of mold can convert into a full mold infestation.   To protect your lovely home and all of those that live there, do what it takes to eliminate and prevent mold.

The biggest question here is how to prevent a mold infestation in your home.  Continue reading to learn more about mold prevention as well as mold remediation in case you are too late to prevent it.

1. Increase Your Home’s Airflow

As a fungus, mold prefers and thrives in enclosed, dark, and humid spaces. This means that if a home has minimal airflow, it likely provides the perfect environment for mold proliferation and growth.  Don’t forget that spaces with minimal airflow tend to lack proper sunlight and be damp.

Allowing sufficient air to enter and exit your room is one of the ways to make your home a more hostile environment for mold growth or to reduce overall humidity. This also makes your home livelier while increasing its natural lighting and letting a little sunshine into your home.

Be sure to open windows and doors a minimum of once each day. If you can make a habit out of this, you’ll be that much closer to a home without mold.

2. Repair Any Plumbing Leaks and Problems Right Away

All homes have plumbing issues of some kind, but it is important to organize solutions ASAP. This is important as the more time you wait, the more mold is likely to multiply and grow. Pipes, particularly old ones, have a tendency to burst and disintegrate.

For this reason it is a good idea to observe your pipes for any leaks in order to address them quickly if they appear. Keep in mind that leaking pipes mean added moisture, which directly translates to mold incidence.

These issues are better addressed early on before they have a chance to worsen and become more expensive to take care of. Avoid being the person who pays a fortune for costly water bills, mold remediation and plumbing repairs.

3. Decluttering

Not many people are thrilled with the idea of home decluttering. This is based on the fact that many people have acquired a vast amount of clutter as the years have passed.   But, if you seek a home without mold, decluttering it is a necessity.

First of all, too much clutter thwarts appropriate air circulation, harboring moisture. As this moisture accumulates, it triggers mold growth. Basically, if your home is loaded with clutter, there is like a ton of mold beneath it.

Work hard to keep your home clutter-free.  Figure out the best way to declutter and get your family and friends to help.  If it feels like too much effort, hire professionals to assist you. Once you’ve decluttered, be sure to perform a preliminary mold inspection as well.

Begin with clutter that may be blocking any ventilation as moisture accumulation is likely in those areas.  Have no fear of tossing items you no longer utilize.

4. Install an Exhaust Fan in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are used every single day and moisture accumulation is common in these spaces.  Wetness is prevalent in your bathroom making it an ideal area for mold to get started.  If you are not careful, it may even be home to dangerous black mold.

This being said, exhaust fan installation should be seriously considered for your bathroom if there is not one already.  An exhaust fan contributes to moisture elimination in addition to enhancing bathroom ventilation.

Additionally, an exhaust fan can assist in eliminating any unwanted bathroom odors.   It can also eliminate mold spores that may be in the air.  Think about installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom to ensure it is free of moisture, fresh, and most importantly mold-free.

5. Keep Several House Plants and Maintain Them

This may sound crazy but houseplants greatly contribute to mold prevention.  Although house plants are attractive and filter air, they may harbor mold and mildew if they are overgrown.  Mold might make its home in your house plants’ soil and leaves.

Mold prevention in house plants can be assisted by taheebo tea.  Simply pour a bit of tea into the soil and allow it to soak in.

Additionally, make sure your house plans are in ventilated and well-lit areas.  Some taheebo tea, ventilation, and sunlight can contribute greatly to mold prevention in your house plants.

6. Wipe up Stagnant Water

Mopping up

Stagnant water may appear to be common sense, but some people leave it there until it dries itself.  Ensuring standing water gets mopped up is crucial for mold prevention.  No matter if you have a roof leak or just a minor water spill, be sure to dry it completely.

It is essential to perform routine home inspections for water puddles and wipe them dry when you find them. Take a look around your hot water tanks, dishwasher, freezer, as well as other common pooling areas.  If any puddles are encountered, grab a mop and take care of it right away.

7. Basement Treatment

No one enjoys going into musty basements.  However, it is a necessary step in mold prevention.  Basement treatment includes a foundation drain and a dehumidifier that can eliminate the moisture under your house.

Think about insulating your walls or installing thermal windows in order to eliminate condensation.  This will help with basement mold prevention.

By following the tips above, mold prevention is simple.  If prevention is not enough, mold inspection, mold removal, and mold remediation are the next steps.  Most of it can be done DIY but cases that are more severe may be best left in the hands of professionals.

Today’s market boasts numerous mold removal companies, making it difficult to encounter the proper company for your project. Contact us today at Simply Mold Gone to obtain professional and convenient mold inspection, mold removal and mold testing.  We’ll take care of you!

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