Does water in the wall cause mold?

Does water in the wall cause mold?

Basically, if you are doing any water drying more complex than the wipe up of a spilled water glass, water damage in your home will lead to mold.  Mold loves stagnant water and will begin to grow in less than one day.
Unless it is removed physically, mold growth will not stop. This system grows and grows as long as moisture is present. Water damage not only causes this fungus, it additionally provides a hospitable atmosphere into which a mold colony may move, becoming the worst possible roommate.
This can occur during any season.  Fungus is strong and may show up in winter or summer.   Its spores are even capable of growing in a freezer or fridge left leaking. Mold requires just three things in order to thrive: moisture, oxygen, and starch or sugar. Nothing else is needed to begin a colony, meaning your wood walls have the same risk as older cheese in your refrigerator.

What is Mold?
A tiny fungus that multiplies through minute spores, mold may appear as slimy or fuzzy patches of orange, brown ,pink, or white.   The well-known black variety is toxic and blooms in wet, moist areas.   The damp and musty odor of mold is also quite distinctive.
As it occurs in nature, mold contributes to the break-down of organic materials and finishes the decomposition cycle.  But, such decomposition is not welcome in your home.
Mold is generally encountered in darker spaces. Corners, doorways, behind drywall, the basement, and under the sink are all frequent breeding grounds. Be sure to look up as well.  Warm air rises, meaning mold may grow on your ceiling.  Another prime space for mold growth is your bathroom, so you should try to open a window or turn a fan on whenever you take a hot shower.   Take a look in your attic as well as mildew and mold might begin here due to poor insulation.

Is Mold Hazardous?
To answer simply: yes it is. Any mold, specifically black mold, may trigger chronic coughing and wheezing.  Sneezing, hay fever, and eye irritation may also occur.
It can be more dangerous for those already suffering from asthma or allergies. In those with pre-existing conditions, lethargy, blood in the lungs, rashes, and vomiting have been reported.
The easy and quick spread of mold may be its greatest threat. These lightweight, tiny spores could be easily sucked into your HVAC system then distributed in each nook , cranny, and room of your home.
Mold and mildew feed on organic material, meaning their growth on insulation, cabinets, and walls may not only be harmful to your health but can also be a threat to your home’s structural integrity. If neglected, it may actually cause your home to collapse.
Do not hesitate to undergo the mold removal Chicago residents prefer as long-term health hazards may be caused by prolonged exposure to dangerous mold. Mold should be considered a biohazard requiring professional removal as it can hurt both you and your family.

Is it Possible to Prevent Water Damage Induced Mold?
You must act quickly to prevent mold. The use of preventative measures when water is first observed entering your home will decrease the possibility of an infestation of mold.

  • Turn off the water main outside your home. This should take care of the internal leak, allowing you the opportunity to prep prior to the arrival of any assistance.
  • Open the windows or turn a dehumidifier on. It is preferable to eliminate as much moisture as possible while pumping dry air in.
  • Take out any affected furniture, carpets, or rugs. Soak any cotton fabrics in water but if fungus takes hold, they may need to be thrown out.
  • For insurance purposes, be sure to take plenty of pictures of the damage. It is possible that your insurance covers mold remediation Chicago in addition to any other restoration service necessary to properly eliminate mold from your possessions.
  • Practice prevention over the long term. Hire an expert in home protection to carry out a comprehensive home inspection, searching for possible leaks, checking insulation, and reviewing old pipes. In addition to offering all of these services, we are passionate about ensuring your home is safe and secure from mold growth and water damage.

Conclusion — Obtain Assistance Today
If you’ve noticed any mold throughout your home, get in touch with Simply Gone Mold before it gets completely out of hand. Our 10+ years of experience as a leader among mold removal companies Chicago residents trust has made us experts in ensuring your home is both safe and clean for you and your family and friends.
At Simply Gone Mold, we are familiar with any sneaky hiding spots mold may have and can encounter your most problematic areas without the need to tear down walls or damage your space further while investigating.
We know each colony, spore, and color around, simply call (773) 502-4372 now and rest assured qualified pros are headed to help!

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