How You Can Prevent Mold Growth Over the Winter

How You Can Prevent Mold Growth Over the Winter

Winter comes with a variety of challenges each year, not the least of which is mold growth. There is never a good time to find mold, but winter makes it more burdensome as homeowners must battle the freezing temperatures and blowing snow. Here are a few helpful tips to help you avoid the need for mold removal Chicago during this or any winter.

Keep Things Dry
Make sure that any wet areas in your home are promptly dried. So if you accidentally spill a liquid on your carpet, don’t let it sit. Dry it fully right away. Your carpet can act like a sponge to retain water and that’s the environment the mold spores thrive in. Even if you’re simply washing your hands or stepping out of the shower, be diligent about wiping away water that has splashed around the area.

Gutter Maintenance
Fall is the time to be extra mindful of your gutters, and there is a good reason for this. Your gutters need to be clear and free to help shed water off the roof and away from the home as the heavy rains and snowfalls in the months that follow. A clogged gutter will affect the rest of your home as it can pool water and allow it to leak into your walls opening the door to mold growth. And when you allow mold the opportunity to move in, you can be sure that is exactly what will happen and you will be left to call mold removal companies Chicago.

Watch for Leaks
By not taking care of leaks right away, so many homeowners end up with water damage and mold every year. Leaks are a sure sign of a problem somewhere in your home, whether it’s on the roof, the foundation, or in your pipes, and it must be addressed early so that you limit the amount of mold removal services you need. The moment you find a leak, dry it quickly and see if you can determine the cause.

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