Why Does Keeping Vents and Ducts Clear Prevent Mold?

Why Does Keeping Vents and Ducts Clear Prevent Mold?

Preventing mold and mold removal can be a frustrating part of homeownership, and it is likely that almost everyone you talk to has had to call in mold removal companies at some point. Not only is mold annoying and potentially costly, but it can also cause a range of health hazards too! For these reasons, it is important to call in professional mold remediation companies when there is mold and to prevent mold the best you can, by keeping your vents and ducts clear.

Why Are Vents And Ducts Important?

Though mold is a potential hazard in much of the home, vents and ducts attached to your HVAC system can be especially vulnerable. Higher-than-normal humidity or built-up dirt and debris in your HVAC can be a perfect recipe for mold. If this happens, you may be able to detect a mold build-up by an odd musty odor in your home. However, sometimes mold won’t be detectable by odor, and could still cause health concerns, making it important to have routine checks done by a mold remediation contractor.

What Causes Mold to Appear in Vents and Ducts?

Mold occurs in areas of high humidity, so excess water vapor from your HVAC system can cause mold to thrive in the vents and ducts coming from there. Additionally, if your HVAC system is full of debris, like dirt and skin cells, the mold can grow more rapidly, resulting in more difficult mold remediation.

How Do I Know if I Am Dealing With Mold in My Vents?

As we said before, a likely way you will come to realize you need to get in touch with mold removal companies is that there will be a musty odor coming out of your ventilation systems. As well, if you are noticing unordinary nausea, fatigue, or headaches, it could be from mold build-up. Last, you clearly need to call about mold removal if you can see mold growing within or around your vents.

How Can You Keep Vents and Ducts Clear?

There are a few ways to prevent mold build-up and save you the headache of mold remediation.

First, ensure your ducts are properly insulated and sealed will help to reduce moisture build-up. Ask your local HVAC company how they can help.
Next, if you experience a lot of humidity in your home you can get a dehumidifier and rotate it near various ducts and vents to help keep them drier.

Last, but certainly not least, call us a Simple Mold Gone so we can send in a professional mold remediation contractor to inspect your HVAC, vents, and ducts for signs of mold and potential mold risks, and to help with mold removal if necessary. We stand out from other mold removal companies by working with cutting-edge tools and technology for mold remediation that helps to prevent mold from resurfacing again.

Our team is highly trained, knowledgeable, and ready to help with your mold removal needs. Don’t wait until your health is at risk from mold related issues, call us for an inspection today!

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