The Most Common Places for Which You Might Need a Mold Remediation Contractor Chicago

The Most Common Places for Which You Might Need a Mold Remediation Contractor Chicago

Nobody likes an uninvited guest, but when it comes to mold, you might have a house guest that is persistent in sticking around. As it grows, mold can produce an invasive musty smell in your home, plus it can cause damage to certain materials and make us feel sick.
The best way to handle the situation is to first understand where mold likes to grow. Then you can begin your mold removal Chicago while also taking steps to ensure this house guest does not return.

The Bathroom

Mold enjoys the warm, moist air of the bathroom. In fact, you may not even realize it, but you probably have mold on your bathroom wall or ceiling right now. The bathroom offers a hot, humid, and wet environment to thrive in. Those are the three elements that mold requires to live and grow. That makes showers and bathtubs the perfect places to check for mold. But since mold is not always visible, as it can hide behind walls, it’s important to stay vigilant and proactive by speaking with mold remediation companies Chicago for a thorough check. In the meantime, always use your bathroom fan for ventilation while showering and leave it turned on for at least 15 minutes after you’re done bathing. You can also open the window to allow steam to escape. These things will create a less damp environment where mold will have a difficult time growing.

The Kitchen

Mold removal companies Chicago often find that a kitchen sink is an inviting place for mold growth. A kitchen sink can have dirty dishes sitting for a day or two, bacteria, and possibly a wet rag or sponge. But if you keep your kitchen sink as clean as possible, wiping down wet spots as you find them, you can reduce the chances of needing mold removal in your Chicago home. And let’s not forget to look under your sink. Clean the pipes in your kitchen sink cabinet every week to keep mold growth from blooming. A moist or leaking pipe under the sink is just what mold is looking for.
At Mold Removal Chicago & Mold Remediation Company Chicago, we have a mold remediation contractor ready to help. We are fully trained to eliminate any mold you might have in your home, whether it’s out in the open, or a mist, dark hiding place you didn’t think to check.

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