Cleaning And Removing Mold

Cleaning And Removing Mold

Is it safe to breathe in mold?

As far as mold removal is involved, many homeowners perceive it as purely esthetic problem, seeing only the most visible aspect of the situation. Dark marks on walls, ceilings, bathroom fixtures and such are unappealing, true, but there aren’t the most pressing issues in that regard. Mold produces spores that disperse freely through the air thus resulting in more mold elsewhere. Some species, particularly notorious black mold, are detrimental to inhabitants’ health, even more so if they already suffer from allergies, asthma or respiratory tract diseases.

Your first reaction would probably be application of some bleach and vigorous scrubbing. That might work for otherwise healthy individuals, if the mold hasn’t outspread too far. However, there is one caveat to that solution. While cleaning mold, you’ll inevitably spread its spores, probably breathing in some of them along the way. And you cannot distinguish by sight if the specie is nefarious black mold or something completely harmless.

How do you stop mold?

If you don’t feel like endangering your health by DIY mold remediation methods, you aren’t without recourse as there are companies, who specialize in safe mold removal. But that’s not everything. Even before specialists get to tackle an existing problem, they perform extensive testing, taking samples of air and swabs from suspected / infested areas. That way, they can determine what they’ll have to deal with and proceed accordingly. Oftentimes it turns out that black spots on walls and ceilings are just the top of an iceberg. There are plenty of unseen mold particles and the only way that it manifests, is by your bouts of coughing or some unspecific rash.
Fortunately, professionals are able to find quickly, where you have a mold problem and remove the culprit. Moreover, mold remediation company will run additional tests upon completing their task, to ensure that they got rid of the issue.

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